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Step 1

Flat Roof Inspection

East Anglia Roofing Services will need to gain access to your flat roof and take measurements of the area requiring work.

Step 2

Current Flat Roof Evaluation

Based on the current condition of the flat roof, we will make our recommendations of the work required to repair or replace your flat roof. We will discuss your existing roof type and whether or not your roof needs to be stripped first and re-boarded. Should this be necessary, we will explain in detail what is involved.

Step 3

Flat Roof Recommendation

We can then discuss the various flat roofing systems available on the market and can advise you on what is best for your roof and your budget.

Step 4


By the end of our visit, East Anglia Roofing Services will supply you with a detailed quotation for a replacement roof including additional works that may be required (Guttering, downpipes, fascia board and soffits).

Step 5

Flat Roofing Installation

East Anglia Roofing Services takes great pride in all our installations and guarantees are provided with all our felt roof systems.

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