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Are you thinking of roofing services for your roof repair or new roofing installation? You must be sure to hire the services of a professional, experienced, knowledgeable and insured company. At East Anglia Roofing Services, we provide complete roofing solutions from residential to commercial units. In Ipswich, we are among the top roofing service providers.

Why choose roofing services Ipswich?

Highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals:

We have a great team of professionals who are extremely experienced and we specialise in roofing installation as well as repair. We have experience of over 35 years in the field.

Quality materials:

Our selection of quality roofing materials have made us a popular choice throughout the region. We believe in solid craftsmanship and use premium materials that last a long time.

Fixed years guarantee

We understand that peace of mind is the most important thing that every homeowner wants. We always keep our word and offer a 20-year guarantee on our roofing services.

Our Process:

  • Inspection of the flat roof to take measurements
  • Examine the condition of the roof to suggest repairs or replacement
  • Verify if stripping and re-boarding are required.
  • Recommend various flat roof options available in the market.
  • Send a complete quotation covering the expenses towards, guttering, downpipes, fascia boards, and soffits.
  • Installation of the roof.

We offer:

  • Felt, Torch on, and built up insulation systems.
  • Rubber Bond EPDM.
  • Liquid Plastic Roofing system.
  • Single Ply.
  • Green Roof Systems.
  • Skylights.
  • Promenade tiles for flat roof balconies.
  • Roofline PVCU guttering soffits and fascias

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