Flat Roofing Norfolk

Guaranteed Flat Roofing Services in Norfolk

Are you thinking of hiring reliable flat roofing Norfolk services for new roof installation or repair? You must be sure to hire the services of a professional, experienced, knowledgeable and insured company. At East Anglia Roofing Services, we provide complete roofing solutions from residential to commercial units. We are renowned flat roofing services professionals and servicing all the regions of Cambridge, Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk.

What Makes East Anglia Roofing Services Unique?

Highly Skilled Professionals-

We have an efficient team of flat roofing Norfolk specialists who are well-versed in advanced roof installations and specialised in roofing repair. With years of experience in construction work and installations, we consider each and every aspect of your property.

Reliable Services-

We have gained a reputation for our reliability and effective solutions.

How does our flat roofing service work?

  • First of all, we access your flat roof to have exact measurements of the area that needs repair or installation work carried out.
  • Secondly, we conduct an evaluation of the existing flat roof. Based on the present condition of your roof, we plan our strategy and recommendations for the work needed to replace or repair your flat roof.
  • Next, we provide you with information regarding different types of flat roofing systems and then advise you on which is the best suitable for your roof and budget requirements.
  • After recommendation, we will provide you with a complete quotation for the replacement roof. We may also quote for additional work if needed (such as downpipes, soffits, guttering and fascia board).
  • Once accepted, we commence the installation or repair.

If you are looking to have reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective flat roofing Norfolk, look no further than East Anglia Roofing Services.