Flat Roofing Cambridge

What Are The Different Types Of Roofing Materials?

Are you looking for flat roofing solutions in Cambridge? We have an extensive collection of materials to suit almost every project from large commercial buildings to small residential renovations.

Our diverse flat roofing Cambridge products:


Felt roofing usually contains two or three layers of bitumen sheet combined together using adhesive or hot bitumen. The durability of this particular material is usually around 15 to 30 years. Felt is an inexpensive option but prone to crack or breakage due to temperature variations.

Rubberbond EPDM-

Rubberbond EPDM consists of two layers laminated together. The exceptional waterproofing, strength and aging resistance properties of EPDM, including improved reinforcing and toughness, makes the material an outstanding option for the flat roofing system. Rubberbond EPDM has no effect of weather conditions, moisture or snow. Moreover, it is flexible and easily moldable to suit the structure of roofs or curb edges.

Torch-on felt-

Torch-on felt is developed with the purpose of eliminating the requirement to roll and pour hot bitumen. The material is budget-friendly and long lasting but may have the effect of heat so, demand careful and high-quality installation.

Liquid Plastic Roofing Systems-

The liquid plastic roofing system is counted among the most exceptional solutions to flat roofing Cambridge problems. The system is compatible with every roof design and substrates and used widely because of its toughness and waterproof features. It’s a shiny material and gives totally a unique look to your buildings.

Single Ply-

Single ply is an ideal option for those who require a cost-effective, lightweight and fast-track construction projects. The material features resistance to natural elements, flexibility, Resistant to UV radiations, fire retardant, eco-friendly, durability and ability to support a variety of green roofs.

Green Roof System-

This is one of the most innovative, easy to install and lightweight system with water retention facility designed specifically for industrial and residential buildings in urban regions. Green flat roofing Cambridge systems are effective to use for purposes such as providing insulation and absorbing rainwater.

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